About Nemra

Nemra is an Armenian rock band established in 2012 in Yerevan. Led by the frontman and main songwriter Van Yeghiazaryan on vocals and guitar, Vaspur Yeghiazaryan on bass and backing vocals, keyboardist and backing vocalist Marianna Karakeyan, and drummer Marek Zaborski. The band’s music draws from the alternative and indie rock genres, and they also put a unique spin on traditional Armenian folk songs. Their hit song “Nare” has amassed over 10 million views on Youtube. In 2018, the band won “Best rock band of the year” at the Armenian Music Awards and has many other accolades, including several awards from Radio Van Armenian radio and the Phoenix Music Award from neighboring Georgia. The band’s name, Nemra, is a play on the word Armen (Armenian), referencing the band’s love of looking at things from different perspectives. They have released two studio albums in English “Mubla” and “Hmm” and multiple singles and music videos. In 2018, they competed in the Depi Evratesil show and narrowly placed second. They have toured internationally, performing in cities such as Boston, Kyiv, Warsaw, Tbilisi, Moscow, Ulan-Ude, and throughout Armenia. Nemra has received support from notable musicians, inter alia, Serj Tankian (SOAD), Brian May (The Queen) and James Walsh (Starsailors). In 2022, the band performed at the Starmus festival, sharing the stage with legendary guitarist, Brian May, who gifted the band leader Van his six-pence guitar pick as a good luck charm for the band’s career. Nemra’s live performances are known to be unbelievably energetic and vibrant. During their concerts, the synergy between the band and the audience is incredible: the fans get vividly engaged in an unending sing-along with the band.